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Keep Your Kitchen, Change The Colour...

We will transform your existing kitchen into a heavenly kitchen...

A replacement kitchen can cost a small fortune, and chances are there is nothing wrong with your existing one except the colour.  


We can transform and refurbish your existing kitchen by professionally spray painting it for a fraction of the cost, give it a modern look, and make your home unique & bespoke.


There are additional major advantages to choosing spray painting including:

- You will retain use of your kitchen throughout

- No need for a skip or huge amounts of rubbish & dust requiring removal

- You can keep your perfectly functioning existing kitchen, give it a fresh new spray painted finish

- Customers with an existing solid wood kitchen will retain the quality rather than possibly replacing it with a cheaper mdf or chipboard alternative

- Most kitchens are transformed in 5 working days (typically Monday to Friday)

- On the removal, on-site spraying & refit days, our team will arrive at your home around 9.30/10am allowing you to use your kitchen for breakfast, and they will leave by 4/4.30pm to allow you to use your kitchen for dinner

- Our team will averagely take 3-5 hours to remove the door & drawer fronts and all removable items on the first day

- Any on site spray work (of non removable items such as end panels & leading edges/framework of your carcasses) will generally take one to two days, depending on the size & layout of your kitchen.  Our team prepare & mask up the room and will leave the room clean & tidy when they leave.  Our team use a low tack masking tape (with paper & polythene) on your ceiling, walls, floor and surfaces when masking up your kitchen to spray on-site, to protect them from the paint spraying.  However occasionally, when being carefully removed, the masking tape may pull away some household paint from the walls & ceilings.  This is generally very rare, but we bring it to your attention as we cannot be held responsible should this happen.  If you are planning to paint your walls & ceilings, please do this after we have completed your kitchen.

- All of the doors, drawer fronts & removable items will be thoroughly degreased, repaired where necessary, sanded, prepared, primed & spray painted in our unit & spray booth, meaning less inconvenience for you. 

- All items being sprayed on-site will go through the same process of being degreased, repaired, prepared, sanded, primed & spray painted

- Our team will averagely take 4-6 hours to refit the newly spray painted doors, drawer fronts and all removed sections, ensuring they are all aligned correctly

- If you wish to enhance your existing kitchen with new handles or knobs, soft closing hinges etc we can assist you with these at discounted prices. Please see our Handles & Hinges page.

- Details on the paint we use can be found on our General Info & Paint page.

- We can also assist you with new work surfaces, carpentry & joinery work and new flooring

A kitchen is more than just a place for cooking. It is a place for the family to meet, a place for creativity, combining fun with work. Discover the many possibilities of transforming your tired, dark kitchen into something bright, special & unique with ColourFull Kitchens, at an affordable price.






Our recent customers had a typically dark out of date, old fashioned wooden kitchen. The cost they had been quoted for a replacement kitchen was more than four times the price quoted by us to respray their existing kitchen.




They were delighted with the transformation, the money they saved, that they had full use of their kitchen throughout and no mess!




This client's kitchen was feeling dark & gloomy and needed brightening up!




So we spray painted it into a bright white with satin finish & it looks like a totally different kitchen!



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- which town you live in 

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