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Blown & Discoloured Doors

Do you have kitchen or wardrobe doors that have blown & the outer layer is literally peeling or falling off? Or doors that have gone yellow from sunlight?


We have had an increasing number of customers coming to us with this issue. Some after receiving estimates for new kitchen door replacements, some having been given quotes for a whole new set of fitted wardrobes.  Both options estimated at thousands of pounds.


Don't despair, we have a number of options & ways to assist you.


We can colour-match and spray paint the doors with issues, so not only are they longer lasting, but also match the rest of your room.  Our team can remove the blown laminate outer, resin seal the mdf board beneath, and the prepare, prime & spray paint the door/drawer.


Another option is that we can supply & fit new doors, in a variety of styles, which can also be spray painted to match the other sections of your kitchen.  


Below you can see some of the yellowing & blown doors we have worked on and spray painted.


This kitchen had blown laminate doors, drawers & pelmet.  We removed the laminate outer, resin sealed the board beneath, masked up the backs and spray painted the fronts & edges into "Top Gun".

Our customer's replacement doors literally had the laminate falling off


Most doors had an X shape visible on them which looked awful



We removed the coloured foil wrap from all the doors & drawers, repaired the mdf beneath, prepared, primed & spray painted them into  the colour of their choice. Our hardened spray painted finish will outlast any laminate foil wrapped replacement door. 

Our customer had a fairly new white laminate

kitchen that had varying degrees of yellowing from the sunlight.

The difference in colours was shocking.



We spray painted all of the doors into a fresh new colour that our customer chose, with our non-yellowing polyurethane hardened acrylic paint. Our customer now has doors that will remain the same colour for many years to come.



The photos and slideshow below show some doors we worked and the process they went through to remove the blown outer, and spray paint them.

Customer's doors had the outer wrap literally falling off
A piece of the flaked off outer shown next to a card sprayed with the colour-matched paint
Doors now spray painted for a long lasting finish

Wardrobe Doors...


Our client had fitted wardrobes that had cracks in the plastic outer  but didn't want the expense of buying new made-to-measure doors.  We removed the plastic outer that was literally peeling & falling off, and spray painted them into the colour of their choice, they chose a pewter grey.

The plastic outer on our customer's wardrobe doors was badly cracked.
Literally peeling off!
We spray painted the doors in a pewter grey & now they will last for years.

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